Sunday, June 5, 2016

Finding Time For Fitness

Hello again!

After my last post on Ways To Create The Right Attitude For Fitness, I was brainstorming what other information would be useful to you know how I manage to find time to run and go to the gym. This idea came to me after having to create a flexible schedule for the week between long hours at work, school, family events, and time for friends in addition to the time I need to go run or go to the gym. Most weeks for me allow a schedule that I can work with rather easily in order to go to the gym. For some reason, this past week proved to be one out of the ordinary and left me facing many time crunches. But, through what I already practice explained below, I was able to adjust my schedule accordingly so I could fit everything I needed in.

I considered how this could not be a problem that only I have experienced and realized that it could be what prevents many from working out. And being myself, I like to solve problems. Not just find them.

The first and most important thing to finding time would be prioritization of activities and events. Of course, exercise is very important to me but I'm not going to leave work early for some extra time at the gym before I head home. For myself, it being summer and needing to save as much money as possible, work is always my first priority. Being an electrician means I am relied upon by my co-workers to do my part so the house can be completely wired in time. This is something I will refuse to let happen throughout the next few months. My next priorities would be my online summer class and family events. It is important that I spend as much time as possible with my family since I no longer live at home and do not get to see them very often throughout the school year. Next, would be time for the gym then friends. Most weeks I am able to balance all of these major events rather effectively because the prioritization allows me to follow a rigid schedule.

The next item for finding time would be when to go. Peak gym hours are usually between 4-7pm and are typically very difficult times to go without becoming flustered at the volume of people there. I find the early morning or late night to be the best times. If I could have it my way, I would go around lunchtime but like most people, I don't have that long of a lunch break. My opinion would be that it all depends on the person. If you're an early bird or a night owl, you know which time would work best.

Next, would be what you do at the gym. This dictates a lot of how long you would be able to spend at the gym. If you're shooting for a short, fast workout I would suggest a shortened CrossFit or HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout. If your find yourself having some more time, there all that many more things to do. Such as adding on some more exercises, a class, or even some time to just stretch out. All in all, catering your workouts to your time available will allow for a more flexible schedule to work with.

My last thought on this topic would be planning. Planning is such a commonly overlooked key to having a successful, less-stressed week. At the very least, simply taking a few minutes Monday morning to create a rough idea of how your week may look could make a significant difference.What usually helps me the most is to get a sticky note on Sunday night and think of everything that needs to happen on the various days of the week. That way, I am more organized with what needs to be accomplished and what events or activities need to be moved around.

So now that you know how I accommodate my schedule for working out, I hope this proves to be helpful in allowing yourself to find time to do the same.

Also, remember to keep challenging yourself whenever you go to the gym. This will prove to be more motivating and could produce a workout that really works for you.